Attentions of postoperative patients with kidney cancer

Kidney cancer is the need for surgical treatment, but after surgery does not mean that you can achieve the rehabilitation of the disease, experts advise that patients with kidney cancer must pay attention to the following points after the operation.

Attentions of postoperative patients with kidney cancer

Postoperative review: after general kidney cancer surgery, patients should pay attention to 3 months later to go back to the hospital review, and be careful with contrast agents examination, the examination items include blood drawing, kidney function, chest X-ray, B ultrasound or CT examination. Blood is the main purpose of evaluation of postoperative residual renal function can not meet the needs of the body, such as the retained kidney function is damaged badly, but also pay attention to the treatment for dialysis or renal transplantation, and imaging of chest X-ray, B ultrasound and CT examination is mainly used to determine the tumor have had lung metastasis and recurrence. Note that according to the different conditions, postoperative follow-up plan and examination of the project is also different, the specific need to discharge to the competent doctor before consultation.

Attention should be paid to the use of antibiotics after the operation of kidney cancer. If antibiotics need to be used, the drugs with low nephrotoxicity should be selected and applied after bacterial culture and drug sensitivity test. If there is renal dysfunction, the dosage and duration of dosing should be determined according to the creatinine clearance rate. It is important to treat complications after surgery, such as hypertension and diabetes.

Notice of the patient's family members: the recurrence of kidney cancer occurred frequently, often involving bone metastasis and lung metastasis, but the patient was neglected due to the lack of specific symptoms and could not be taken in time for treatment. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the nonspecific symptoms such as emaciation, anemia, pain, cough, etc. after the operation of kidney cancer. Regular urinalysis, kidney function, and chest fluoroscopy are also required.

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