What are the factors that affect the survival time of patients with kidney cancer?

Approximately 50% of renal cancers were confined to the kidney at the time of discovery, but 30% had distant metastasis at first diagnosis, accounting for 50% of distant metastases after surgery. The postoperative survival rate was approximately 3 years, the survival time was 50%, the 5 year was 40%, and the 10 year was 20%. Only 3% patients survived for 3 years without any treatment.

What are the factors that affect the survival time of patients with kidney cancer?

The survival time of patients with renal carcinoma varies from person to person, and patients should be confident, clear their own disease stage and find the most appropriate treatment. With the continuous improvement of treatment methods, new therapies and drugs are increasingly used in the treatment of advanced renal cancer, so that the survival time of patients with advanced renal cancer is significantly higher than before.

Whether the treatment of renal carcinoma is proper is the most important factor affecting the survival time of advanced renal carcinoma. After 5 years, the survival rate of 35%~40% is 10, and the survival rate is 17%~30%. The prognosis of kidney cancer is sometimes difficult to predict. Metastasis can be seen at 20, 30, or even longer after nephrectomy.

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