What are the routes of dissemination of kidney cancer?

Nowadays, kidney cancer is a common malignant tumor. Although it is not an incurable disease, it is still necessary to pay attention to the disease because of the metastasis of the disease. Patients with renal cancer should also pay attention to the disease, not because of their neglect to cause deterioration of the disease, affecting the treatment effect.

What are the routes of dissemination of kidney cancer?

Direct infiltration: kidney cancer gradually grew up,tumor capsule looked around through diffusion, inward infiltration into the renal pelvis, break out the renal capsule invasion and perirenal fat and fascia, spread to adjacent tissues such as colon, liver, adrenal gland, spleen and diaphragm etc..

Lymphatic route: 15% to 30% of kidney cancer can be transferred by lymphatic route. The left side of the kidney is transferred to the renal pedicle, the anterior aorta and the left lateral lymph node of the aorta. The right side involves the renal hilum, the inferior vena cava, the anterior lymph node, the aorta and the inferior vena cava. Some can be transferred to the lymph nodes of the anterior and inferior vena cava, which can spread up to the neck lymph nodes, and can also be transferred directly to the lung through the lymph nodes of the diaphragm.

Blood metastasis: blood metastasis is the most important route of metastasis of kidney cancer. Cancer cells invade from the capillaries and renal vein, internal jugular vein and renal vein tumor thrombus formation in the veins, further into the veins to the right atrium, and then spread to the lung, bone and other organs, caused widespread hematogenous metastasis. According to the literature reports, the incidence of cancer metastasis to renal vein and inferior vena cava was 20% and 10% respectively. Most of the tumor thrombi in the inferior vena cava come from the right kidney cancer, and some from the adrenal gland. The cancer cells can also invade the vertebral body via the paravertebral vein or retrograde through the renal vein to the spermatic vein and the ovarian vein.

In the treatment of disease, patients should also pay more attention to their diet regulation, do not because of their neglect, causing deterioration of the disease. The harm of renal cancer is something we can not ignore. If we can actively treat it, we can effectively control the disease.

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