What kind of influence does kidney cancer chemotherapy cause hair loss ?

Kidney disease is hot tumor diseases, the incidence gradually increased, has brought the serious influence to people, chemotherapy is an important therapeutic tool, but it will be a lot of side effects, such as hair loss, so what does the hair loss effect on the patient's body?

What kind of influence does kidney cancer chemotherapy cause hair loss ?

This is because chemotherapy drugs are unable to recognize normal cells and cancer cells, while killing cancer cells, normal cells are also killed, of course, hair follicles will be damaged, and ultimately cause hair loss.

In addition to chemotherapy has very strong inhibition of bone marrow, Chinese medicine, kidney and bone, bone marrow, kidney and renal cell carcinoma and its in the hair, in the process of chemotherapy, the kidney will be a serious injury, so the probability or degree of hair loss will be more serious.

Hair loss will not only affect the patient image, can also cause psychological great anxiety, so medical workers have been exploring the outcome of hair, the commonly used methods for clinical gene injection, including ice cap cooling, traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

The ice cap cooling is more commonly used method, the specific method is in intravenous administration so that patients can be put on the scalp at 5 degrees C ice cap, this is because the lower temperature can improve the local blood circulation is affected, containing high concentrations of chemotherapeutic drugs for blood to a large amount of impact of the hair root cells, thereby reducing the damage of the drug reduce hair shedding.

For patients with hair loss, should try to relieve the patient's anxiety, clinical observation showed that the CIA can bring great psychological pressure and psychological pressure to the patient, reduce the cancer fighting confidence, therefore should explain to patients result in hair loss, let it understand the hair loss is a normal response to chemotherapy.

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