Why is kidney cancer misdiagnosed easily?

Because the early symptoms of renal cancer and other diseases have similar symptoms, but because patients do not understand the common sense of kidney cancer, and early symptoms not bright doctors are also likely to make misdiagnosis, which is very unfavorable for the treatment and prevention of kidney cancer, then what factors led to the misdiagnosis of kidney cancer?

Why is kidney cancer misdiagnosed easily?

Although pain is one of the specific symptoms of renal tumors, the patient may not be treated immediately because of severe pain. Painless hematuria is intermittent attack, easily overlooked by the patient. The inpidual patient with cancer metastasis occurred earlier, metastatic carcinoma may have obvious symptom, and primary cancer disease has not been found. Such as bone metastasis can occur fractures, local mass, spinal metastasis can cause low back pain, lower abdominal numbness, and so on.

The typical patient is not only a symptom or It is often seen. could easily be patient and doctor, ignore. Therefore, we should strengthen the understanding of this disease, the suspected cases of early X-ray radiography, B Ultrasound and CT were examined. The only treatment for kidney cancer is early surgery.

Although kidney tumors are not common, most of these tumors are malignant and often fail to be treated promptly because of atypical clinical symptoms, leaving the patient with a chance to lose life.

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