Why does kidney cancer happen metastasis?

The kidney cancer is not good to cured because it has the particularity of other tumor metastasis, for kidney cancer patients life also has a great threat, because after surgery and radiotherapy after body injury is relatively large, decreased resistance, the metastasis of cancer cells. Then why does kidney cancer happen metastasis?

Why does kidney cancer happen metastasis?

The malignancy of the tumor is determined by the characteristics of the tumor itself. As long as the patient's immunity is low, the risk of tumor recurrence and metastasis exists.

With the choice of treatment methods, simple western medicine treatment often cause damage to the patient's body, for the recurrence and metastasis of the tumor buried a hidden danger.

Patients with cancer have not been treated with consolidation. After the hospital has been treated regularly, many patients feel they can sit back and relax. Otherwise, the rate of relapse and metastasis remains high even during convalescence.

Kidney cancer patients must carefully take care of your body in the course of treatment of kidney cancer metastasis, not to leave too much space, which requires us to follow the doctor's advice, from physical conditioning and daily exercise with the metastasis of kidney cancer strangled in the cradle.

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