The cause of sudden increase in urea nitrogen

In our daily life, many people suffering from kidney disease found increased urea nitrogen during the examination. How is this going on? Urea nitrogen is the major end product of protein metabolism in human body. The fasting urea nitrogen in normal adults was 3.2-7.1mmol/L (9-20mg/d1). So, what is the reason for the increase of urea nitrogen? Then the experts will give you a detailed answer.

1, organic renal damage caused by 1: primary glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, interstitial nephritis, renal tumors, polycystic kidney disease in patients with chronic renal failure. The acute renal failure in mild renal impairment, BUN had no change, but the GFR (glomerular filtration rate) decreased to below 50% BUN can be increased. Therefore, blood BUN measurement can not be used as an indicator of early renal function. But for chronic renal failure, especially in BUN increased the general level and the severity of renal failure: decompensated GFR decreased to 50ml/min, blood BUN "9mmol/L; decompensated renal failure, blood BUN, 9mmol/L; renal failure stage, blood BUN, 20mmol/L.

2, oliguria oliguria: such as severe dehydration, a large number of ascites, heart failure, liver and kidney syndrome, resulting in insufficient blood volume, reduced renal blood flow, hypoperfusion lead to oliguria. At this point, BUN increased, but creatinine increased not significantly, BUN/Cr (mg/dl) > 10:1, referred to as pre - renal acidemia. After dilatation, more urine can increase, and BUN can decrease by itself.

3, the decomposition of protein or excessive intake: such as acute infectious diseases, high fever, upper gastrointestinal bleeding, burns, trauma, surgery and hyperthyroidism, high protein diet, but generally not elevated serum creatinine. After the above correction, blood BUN can be decreased.

Serum creatinine and urea nitrogen "Scr" "BuN" respectively for the final product of organic nitrogen and protein metabolism, in the case of normal renal function, these small molecules from the glomerular filtrate, so it can be used as a diagnosis of glomerular filtration function and screening index. When the glomerular filtration function was reduced, serum creatinine and urea nitrogen increased due to retention.

To explain the kidney hospital experts believe, we all know it, the experts suggest that the majority of patients with friends, treat diseases must be timely diagnosis and timely treatment, can not be careless, so as not to delay treatment, make the disease worse, more serious harm to patients. If you still need to know more about kidney disease, you can consult our online expert, and our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.

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