Does urine occult blood and urine occult blood are the same

Perhaps many people think that urine occult blood and urine occult blood is a meaning, in fact, is a bit different, so what is the cause of urinary occult blood? Red blood cells in the urine was not destroyed when hematuria phenomenon is very difficult and necessary to the hospital for prosecution or other means of microscope to detect, for now what is the cause of urinary occult blood disease, expert to introduce here, hoping to arouse the attention of the patients.

The phenomenon of urine occult blood more than 90% classified as kidney disease, so what is the cause of urinary occult blood, I believe that many patients are also concerns, because it is not only to increase the psychological burden of patients, but also may be due to the psychological burden to the body discomfort, seriously affecting the quality of life of patients, experts say the urine occult blood the reason and the inflammation, calculus and tumor have a direct relationship, but the most common is inflammation, once the kidney inflammation, often causing hematuria Niaoxue, a common cause of kidney disease, caused destruction of glomerular filtration function, resulting in leakage of red blood cells, hematuria is urine occult blood positive will emerge that is a common indicator of disease detection of urine occult blood test.

Usually, early not found in urine hematuria appear great changes, so when the body discomfort such as edema and must go to a regular hospital for prosecution, when visible to the naked eye hematuria was not early lesions, experts emphasize kidney disease phenomenon must pay attention.

To explain the kidney hospital experts believe, we all know it, the experts suggest that the majority of patients with friends, treat diseases must be timely diagnosis and timely treatment, can not be careless, so as not to delay treatment, make the disease worse, more serious harm to patients. If you still need to know more about kidney disease, you can consult our online expert, and our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.

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