What is the function of preventing cancer fitness?

Exercise muscle heat production according to the determination of exercise muscle production increased from 10 to 15 compared with the quiet times, body temperature rise temporarily. During strenuous exercise, body temperature can rise to 40 degrees, or even higher. The heat tolerance is far better than normal cells to cancer cells, easy destruction, especially in mitotic DNA synthesis easier to kill.

What is the function of preventing cancer fitness?

Exercise increases the body's oxygen uptake, while ordinary people breathe 4~7 liters of oxygen per minute during quiet periods, up to 100 litres during exercise. The oxygen consumption increased, respiratory rate, through physical gas exchange, may be some carcinogenic substances excreted, reducing the incidence rate of cancer, even if the cancer, the body to recover quickly, can prolong life.

Exercise increases immune cells, and the number of immune cells in the body increases with the increase in movement, so that cancer cells are destroyed at the beginning of their formation. On the other hand, sedentary people are prone to cancer because of the absence of enough immune cells. The movement itself will also stimulate the secretion of certain hormones in the body, accelerate the bone marrow to produce white blood cell velocity, increased phagocytic ability of the body appear a small number of cancer cells, will soon be wiped out numerous leukocytes siege.

Exercise makes the body sweat a lot, sweat can be some of the body's carcinogenic substances in time out of the body, greatly reducing the possibility of cancer. To accelerate blood circulation in the blood circulation to speed up the case, the cancer cells were washed away in to the rapids in a small grain of sand, and not a firm foothold, growth and metastasis in a visceral organ.

The movement increases interferon secretion a great deal of data proves, when airframe is in motion condition, the interferon that secretes from the blood every hour compares to often increase more than one time, and interferon has exact anti-cancer effect.

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