What should be attention to prevent renal cell carcinoma?

The occurrence of cancer with some of our habits in daily life and our working environment is a great relationship, so we want to prevent kidney cancer, should do some prevention work in daily life, there will still be a lot more serious problems that can occur in the face of the time to pay attention to and to understand in particular, suffering from a kidney will affect the health of the body. Patients know and understand these, but also to pay attention to and actively carry out prevention, then, what should be attention to prevent renal cell carcinoma?

What should be attention to prevent renal cell carcinoma?

Diet: prevention is necessary for every family to make the daily diet, if you want to prevent cancer, must not eat moldy food, smoked coke and clean water, both adults and children do not eclipse, do not eat the same food repeatedly. People who work can drink green tea for a long time and have good anti-cancer effects. Food can eat some of the body's anti-cancer effects of food, such as mushrooms, letinous edodes, water chestnuts, coix seed and other food.

Job choices: we need to know that workers with long-term exposure to cadmium and lead, newspaper printers, coke workers, dry cleaning and petrochemical workers are at increased risk of kidney cancer morbidity and mortality. So be careful when choosing a career or a job.

No smoking: long-term smokers are the leading cause of kidney cancer, and high blood pressure is associated with an increased risk of kidney cancer, so patients should pay special attention to both, especially men.

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