What are the methods of health care for kidney cancer after surgery?

I believe you all know the importance of our body kidney, but life in renal cancer patients increased gradually, this disease has brought serious harm to the patient, resulting in pain, hematuria and renal symptoms cannot work normally, only can be recovered by surgery. So, what are the methods of health care for kidney cancer after surgery?

What are the methods of health care for kidney cancer after surgery?

A complete fasting is required within 45 hours after the completion of the operation, and intravenous supplementation may be added to maintain the electrolyte balance under the guidance of a doctor. If the patient is able to exhaust properly, the intake of liquid diet is allowed at the doctor's permission.

The patient after the operation should be strictly observed, the time of its first micturition, nature, urine volume and color, etc., when necessary, urine samples should be taken for examination.

Patients should undergo absolute bed rest after the completion of the operation, closely monitor their life and physique, examine them regularly and keep a strict record. If an abnormal situation occurs, the doctor should be treated promptly and promptly.

To the attention of the protection tube after surgery to the patients and their families were popular in the diet with high protein, high calorie and high vitamin foods, so as to enhance physical fitness, to correct anemia and hypoproteinemia. These are the postoperative care and health care measures for patients with renal cell carcinoma.

For life is now associated with renal cell carcinoma patients, if the body suitable for surgical treatment as well as soon as possible, so that life can be longer continued, at the same time we combined with postoperative care methods, believe that the disease will be cured.

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