The main factors influencing the survival of renal cancer

For patients with advanced renal cancer, how to improve the survival time at the same time to improve the quality of life is the most important. But also the family of patients with kidney cancer is very concerned about the topic, but in the late patients during care, many failed to detect the factors that affect the survival of the main factors. The main factors affecting the survival time of renal cell carcinoma:

The main factors influencing the survival of renal cancer

Smoking: Smoking is harmful to health, most of the disease is related to the onset of smoking, kidney cancer is not outside. Tobacco is rich in aromatic amines and acrolein and other harmful substances, into the blood circulation after the kidney filter, and then through the bladder from the urine excreted. In the kidney they can damage the cells, and cause and constitute kidney cancer, and then add the risk of cancer.

Genetic: the cause of kidney cancer and clan genetic also have a great relationship. There are some clan within the kidney cancer, found in the chromosome view. Renal cancer high incidence of the third pair of chromosomes on the shortcomings. Most of the clonal kidney cancer onset earlier, tend to more lesions and bilateral.

Complications: Renal cancer patients suffer from fertility and high blood pressure. Everyone's health, high body mass index and hypertension are two independent factors associated with an increased risk of kidney cancer in men.

Mood: because patients with advanced kidney cancer will suffer more serious pain, making often sleepless nights Patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma will appear to give up treatment, depression, excessive extreme thoughts, so the family should be more timely care of the daily care of patients.

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