Reasons of recurrence of renal cancel

To best way to avoid kidney cancer is to do a good job of renal cancer prevention work, to avoid the occurrence of kidney cancer in advance. In the treatment of kidney cancer which is also very troublesome, people should pay attention to a lot of things to avoid the cause of kidney cancer problems. Main reasons of renal cancer recurrence are:

Reasons of recurrence of renal cancel

1. Surgical treatment is not thorough enough. A small number of doctors only focus on the recent effect, simply from the perspective of trauma, inappropriate to reduce the scope of surgery for radical nephrectomy, resulting in residual intraperitoneal residual small amount of naked eye is difficult to find cancerous tissue or metastatic lymph nodes, combined with postoperative neglect treatment. They often recovered very well in the near future, but after a period of time, there will be cancer recurrence.

2. The body immunity is weak. There are many patients with renal cancer before surgery has decreased immunity, mainly in the immune defense function of the decline, that is, the body's immune cells to identify and kill cancer cells to reduce the ability; coupled with surgical trauma and anesthesia against the body resistance, resulting in These patients have lower immunity after surgery. If the patient does not improve the immune system after surgery, the patient is often recurrence after surgery; even if a more radical cure, there will be some people in the long-term recurrence after surgery.

3. Biological characteristics. Usually refers to the degree of malignancy of the tumor. Often elderly patients with renal cancer is relatively low degree of malignancy, and young patients with renal cancer is relatively high degree of malignancy, the prognosis is poor. In general, a higher degree of malignancy, resistance to chemotherapy, cancer, less malignant, sensitive to cancer-prone cancer recurrence.

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