Will obesity cause kidney cancer?

Kidney cancer is a malignant tumor which also is a kind of cancer, cause great damage to human health. Then, what is the cause of kidney cancer? If you do not understand the cause of kidney cancer, it is unfavorable to the targeted prevention , care and symptomatic treatment .

Will obesity cause kidney cancer?

Renal cancer is a malignant tumor disease, from the etiology of kidney cancer and obesity and hypertension is a great relationship with the incidence of kidney cancer, so can be seen that obesity is one of the causes of kidney cancer. For men and women, maintaining a normal weight can reduce the incidence of kidney cancer, and overweight will increase the risk of kidney cancer. However, in the past people always think that obesity is more dangerous for women. In fact, the risk of overweight is equally to both men and women. Compared with normal weight, the risk of kidney cancer is twice as high, obese people to double, than overweight and not obese 35% higher.

In addition, too much intake of calories cause obesity, which is a serious weight exceeding, in addition to causing kidney cancer but also cause other cancers. Weight exceeds the normal standard to increase the incidence of colorectal cancer, rectal cancer, cholangiocarcinoma. Obese patients because of excessive accumulation of fat on the mesentery, the bowel can not be normal peristalsis, so that the digestion of food is also difficult to excrete. This naturally formed a constipation. The intestinal contents can not be discharged in time, which carcinogens in the body stranded for too long, may lead to the occurrence of colon cancer and rectal cancer, which is obese patients with colon cancer and rectal cancer increased risk of the reasons. In men still include prostate cancer. In women, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer incidence increased significantly.

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