Can hyperthyroidism cause renal tubular acidosis?

Renal tubular acidosis is the dysfunction of the renal tubular tubules acidified by urine. That is, the acid can not be secreted by the renal tubule and excreted in the urine, so it accumulates in the blood and leads to acidosis. The cause of renal tubular acidosis is not fully understood, but many cases are caused by autoimmune diseases. The autoimmune process occurs in the renal tubules, which can damage the function of the renal tubules, resulting in dysfunction of the tubules and acidification of urine.

Can hyperthyroidism cause renal tubular acidosis?

Hyperthyroidism (toxic diffuse goiter) is an autoimmune disease. It is possible that the site of autoimmune disease is not confined to the thyroid gland but also occurs in the renal tubules. Therefore, hyperthyroidism and renal tubular acidosis can coexist. In the clinical work, we have found this case, renal tubular acidosis in the hyperthyroidism after the disease control has eased, thus suggesting that renal tubular acidosis and hyperthyroidism are closely related. However, the causal relationship between the two diseases is not yet known. Perhaps the two disease is the two aspect of autoimmune disease.

The main clinical manifestations of renal tubular acidosis: related symptoms of hypokalemia caused, such as weakness, paralysis and other symptoms caused by poisoning; surgery not related, such as nausea, loss of appetite and other symptoms; the bone decalcification caused, such as pain, skeletal deformation etc.. Laboratory examination found hypokalemia, blood poisoning, hypocalcemia and alkaline urine. X-ray examination revealed a decrease in bone mineral density.

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