Which fungi are susceptible to urinary tract infections?

Systemic fungal infections can often flow through the bloodstream and urinary tract. This is quite common. But limited to the urinary tract fungal infection, very rare, often ascending infection results, the incidence of urinary tract infection in 0% ~ 4.8%. In recent years, it has been reported that with the widespread use of antibiotics, immunosuppressive agents, the progress of diagnostic methods and the continuous development of new technologies (such as renal transplantation), the incidence of antibiotics has gradually increased. The incidence of Candida urine increased from 1% to 8% in 10 years, and hamory et al. Confirmed that 11% of hospital urinary tract infections were caused by Candida albicans. Therefore, clinicians should cause fungal urinary tract infection, especially the attention of urologists.

Which fungi are susceptible to urinary tract infections?

Many fungi can cause urinary tract infections, such as Cryptococcus, Aspergillus, Mucor, yeast, tissue, fungi and Candida albicans, of which Candida albicans is the most common. Candida albicans can invade any part of the urinary tract. Candida albicans appears in the urine of non pregnant, non-diabetic and non catheterization patients, and is considered an early warning of systemic disseminated candidiasis. Cryptococcus neoformans can cause renal papillary necrosis syndrome, pyelonephritis and similar renal tuberculosis pyuria.

The infection route of this disease is ascending and hematogenous. The fungal infection confined to urinary tract is often ascending. Systemic fungal infection invades the urinary tract and is hematogenous.


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