What is regurgitation nephrosis, what’s the relationship with uric road infection?

Reflux nephropathy is due to reflux of the ureter, ureter and kidney, resulting in scarring of the kidney, which can eventually develop into end-stage renal disease. According to reports, in adults under 50 years of age, renal failure due to reflux nephropathy accounts for approximately 12% of patients with end-stage renal disease. At present, the diagnostic level of reflux nephropathy in China is not high, mainly due to lack of awareness and lack of attention to the disease.

What is regurgitation nephrosis, what’s the relationship with uric road infection?

Reflux and urinary tract infection play an important role in the occurrence and development of reflux nephropathy. In children with urinary tract infection, the incidence of bladder ureter reflux is about 27% to 55%; in adults with recurrent urinary tract infection, the incidence is about 21% to 43%. Most scholars believe that reflux combined with urinary tract infection can cause reflux nephropathy. Although some people think that pure reflux can form reflux nephropathy, but it is easy to have urinary tract infection on the basis of reflux, and urinary tract infection will aggravate kidney damage.

Urinary tract infection is the most common clinical manifestation of reflux nephropathy. The main clinical manifestation of children with reflux nephropathy is recurrent urinary tract infection. Adult patients with complex condition, respectively with urinary tract infection, hematuria, hypertension, polyuria, renal failure as the first symptom, thus easily lead to misdiagnosis.

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