Method for nursing kidney of gouty kidney patient

Although most of the time, everyone in life can understand some of the knowledge of gout kidney, but also know that the emergence of gout kidney, largely because of our usual life style. Therefore, we should pay attention to some details of life in time, we can avoid the emergence of disease to a great extent. But for gout kidney patients, the most important thing is the timely treatment, plus the good care of their kidneys. So, what are the methods for nursing kidney of gouty kidney patient?
1, drinking more water; daily water intake should reach 2500~3000 milliliters, eat more water containing fruits and foods, by increasing the amount of urine to help the kidneys excrete uric acid, reducing uric acid damage to the kidneys.
2, eat more alkaline food; vegetables, fruits are alkaline food, alkaline environment can improve the solubility of urate, and this kind of substance is rich in vitamin C, can promote the dissolution of uric acid in the tissue, is conducive to uric acid discharge. Generally eat 1 kilograms of vegetables per day (including purine vegetables should be avoided), fruit 4~5 times.
3, low purine diet, usually use low purine diet. Should choose low purine containing food, such as flour, onions, fruit, milk, egg etc.; disable containing high purine foods, such as animal offal, brain and all kinds of broth, gravy, sardines, anchovies, mackerel, shrimp, lentils, soybeans and algae; coarse grains, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, lentils, livestock and poultry meat other foods containing purine, should be carefully chosen.
4, disable irritating food; prohibited spicy, pungent food, quit smoking wine. In the past, gout patients should be forbidden to take coffee, tea and cocoa, but now think that these substances do not produce uric acid metabolism in vivo, there is no deposition of gout, it can be appropriate choice.
The above is the main introduction to this question, and we all have a good understanding of it. Our health in life although do not need some more attention, but should actively focus on gouty kidney knowledge, prevention of life as far as possible, avoid the occurrence of the disease, avoid illness. Experts said that if there is no way to timely prevention, it should be timely treatment.

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