Can chronic kidney disease patients exercise Qigong at ordin

It is understood that today more and more patients suffering from chronic kidney disease more and more patients, suffering from the enormous damage caused by the disease. Many patients know that active treatment is the key. However, some patients would like to ask, after treatment, patients can exercise Qigong to help restore health. Next, the experts on the "chronic kidney disease patients usually exercise qigong" for everyone to do specific introduction.
After Qigong exercise God, aligning, pranayama is through their own thoughts, breathing and posture of the exercise to play to people's subjective initiative, arouse people's potential, to adjust the internal functions of the body, and enhance physical fitness, progress against disease, disease prevention, so as to achieve the purpose of physical.
The latest research shows that in the static state of Qigong, can eliminate the tension in the cerebral cortex, strengthen the cerebral cortex function adjust, can improve the body organs of the state. Qigong can promote blood circulation, telangiectasia, pulse jumping power enhancement, but also promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, increase the digestive juice, reduce abdominal congestion, improve digestion and absorption function. In addition, qigong is beneficial to the respiratory system and endocrine glands.
From the viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine nephropathy analysis is the Yin and yang balance disorder, caused by kidney deficiency, kidney yang deficiency, and backache, soft knee, chills, cold extremities, spermatorrhea, impotence, premature ejaculation and other various clinical manifestations. Qigong exercise has the function of regulating yin and Yang and coordinating the function of Zang Fu organs, so it can also be used for a series of diseases of kidney yin and Yang imbalance.
Practicing Qigong can help a certain number of patients with chronic kidney disease. However, suffering from the disease, the most critical thing is to actively treat, choose a regular hospital, completely cure kidney disease. Of course, in the treatment at the same time, patients should do the necessary nursing work, if not, the treatment time will be increased accordingly. If you have any questions about kidney disease, you can click on our online expert.

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