The harm of uric acid in nephropathy

It is understood that the uric acid value in the human body is generally fixed, and if the uric acid value appears to be high, it may indicate that it has developed into nephropathy, which is extremely harmful to the patient's body. What is the harm of uric acid in nephropathy? The uric acid value test is mainly to help the patients to check the renal insufficiency, the normal condition and the degree of injury. Therefore, if uric acid is high, and the public should pay attention to it.
The harm of high uric acid one: fibrosis of joint tissue
The harm caused by high levels of uric acid with blood uric acid enters the human body mainly lies in the joint soft tissue, cause uric acid salt precipitation caused by joint clinical phenomenon, the more serious patients with high uric acid basically will decrease joint activity, bone level of fibrosis, but also has easy to cause fracture of the the phenomenon of.
The harm of high uric acid two: lead to gout appear
Asymptomatic period of gout is high blood uric acid disease, it can be said that as long as there is gout, blood uric acid must be on the high side. When the attack of Gout Caused by high uric acid, patients are joint to severe pain, numbness, swelling, skin fever, dark red obvious indications appear.
The harm of high uric acid three: kidney function of patients
The most serious danger of uric acid is that it can cause great damage to the patient's kidney function. For a long time, the patients with high blood uric acid status will gradually decline until the necrosis. The early manifestation was chronic nephritis.
Through the expert's detailed introduction, everybody should have the clear understanding to the nephrosis harm. Experts advise: check out the patient with high uric acid should pay attention to timely treatment to the regular hospital, to avoid deterioration of the disease. For more information on kidney disease, uric acid, high risk and treatment, consult our online expert and our experts will give you a detailed answer.

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