What blood test should be done to the patient with urinary tract infection?

Blood routine examination: lower urinary tract infection (cystitis, urethritis), the white blood cells are generally normal or mild increase. Upper urinary tract infection (pyelonephritis), the white blood cells were significantly increased, and the left of neutrophilic nucleus shifted; chronic leukocytes change little or slightly elevated, but often the severity of different anemia, erythrocyte sedimentation rate can be accelerated.

What blood test should be done to the patient with urinary tract infection?

Kidney function check: The kidney is an important organ to maintain the stability of the environment in the body. Its function is to discharge and metabolize waste, maintain the balance of water, electrolytes, pH, and osmotic pressure, retain useful substances and endocrine functions. The purpose of renal function tests is to understand whether the kidney is damaged and the degree of damage and damage to the site. In acute pyelonephritis, the general function of renal no more changes, occasional mild renal dysfunction, but after treatment can be restored. The main pathological change of pyelonephritis is interstitial inflammation of the renal medulla. Therefore, the renal tubules and collecting ducts are the first to be involved, so early renal tubular dysfunction is possible.

Renal tubular dysfunction in chronic pyelonephritis is often more common than in glomeruli. In the early stages of this disease, glomerular function can be completely normal, but there have been renal enrichment dysfunction.Due to renal tubular dysfunction, the patient may be renal diabetes and sodium and potassium loss, and uric acidosis due to high blood chloride acidosis. Late in addition to renal tubules, glomerular function is also an obstacle, decreased glomerular filtration rate, decreased renal blood flow, serum creatinine, elevated urea nitrogen, creatinine clearance decreased, eventually leading to renal failure.

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