Juice yogurt can prevent female urinary tract infection

Recently, a Finnish researcher conducted a study showed that if a woman slightly change the diet, they can often prevent them from upset the urinary tract infection.

Juice yogurt can prevent female urinary tract infection

Researchers found that women who drink fresh fruit juice or eat yogurt regularly can reduce the incidence of urinary tract infections. Berry juice is particularly effective in helping women reduce urinary tract infections.A woman who drinks at least one cup of fresh or concentrated fruit juice with no sweetener every day has 34% less chance of urinary tract infection than women who drink very little juice. In addition, eating at least three times a week containing lactic acid bacteria dairy products also help women to avoid urinary tract infection.

Researchers say the results of these studies help explain why some women are prone to urinary tract infections, while others are rarely associated with such diseases. For women with fertility, eating habits on the occurrence of urinary tract infection is very influential. Therefore, to adjust the diet, drink more juice and eat yogurt dairy products will help to avoid the occurrence of urinary tract infection.

Researchers explained that female urinary tract infections are usually caused by bacteria in the stool. Some foods and beverages can change the amount of bacteria in the stool, thus affecting the chance of urinary tract infection. The study also found that some acidic fruit juice has a good effect on preventing frequent recurrence of urinary tract infections in women.

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