What is the relationship between prostate disease and urinar

The prostate is a gland that is surrounded the beginning of the urethra before the male bladder. Prostate secretion of prostatic fluid with anti-Gram-negative intestinal bacteria role in reducing the incidence of male urinary tract infection plays a protective role.

What is the relationship between prostate disease and urinary tract infection?

At the same time, it is urethral discharge channel of prostatic fluid, urethra and prostate both are closely related, therefore, the prostate lesions occurred, it can become the cause of urinary tract infection. Elderly urinary tract infection increased, one of the main reasons is that the incidence of prostate disease in the elderly was significantly higher.

Prostatitis can cause urinary tract infection, and often secondary to urinary tract infection, and some even regard it as part of urinary tract infections. Studies have shown that male urinary tract infection and prostatitis pathogens are the same strain, urinary tract infection recurrence is also caused by the same serotype strains. The main cause of prostatitis (80%) same to urinary tract infection, but also E. coli, showing a close relationship between the two.

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