How to treat diabetes complicated with urinary tract infecti

Diabetes can aggravate the urinary tract infection, and even lead to inflammation and necrosis of renal papillary renal damage, therefore, urinary tract infection in patients with diabetes early discovery and timely treatment is very important.

How to treat diabetes complicated with urinary tract infection?

How to treat diabetes complicated with urinary tract infection:

Control of blood sugar: clinically, found that poor glycemic control, urinary tract infection rate is high. The blood glucose control, not only can reduce the occurrence of urinary tract infection, and for has already occurred can improve the body's ability to resist, improving the internal environment of the urinary tract, which is conducive to the cure of urinary tract infection.

The use of antibiotics: asymptomatic bacteriuria should not be long-term use of antibiotics, such as the occurrence of pyelonephritis must be applied antibiotics. The principle of the use of antibiotics should be based on the drug as a guide in clean urine culture and drug sensitive test, start treatment immediately, and shall be sufficient, adequate treatment. Severe urinary tract infection should be given intravenously, combined with medication. Suspected urinary tract complicated factors, should be carefully examined, in order to find out the obstruction factors there are, and corrected.

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