Why is pregnant women prone to urinary tract infection?

The incidence of urinary tract infection in pregnant women is quite high, up to 7%. Many asymptomatic bacteriuria can manifest as symptomatic bacteriuria during this period.

Why is pregnant women prone to urinary tract infection?

The main causes of urinary tract infections during pregnancy are:

1, vaginal secretions increased after pregnancy, easily lead to vaginal bleeding outside the bacteria.

2, pregnant women in the urine contains glucose, amino acids and other nutrients, these substances are conducive to the growth of bacteria.

3, during pregnancy increased estrogen secretion in the body, on the one hand to change the bacteria around the urethra, and local tissue and organ immune capacity decreased; the other hand, a large number of estrogen to promote calyces, renal pelvis, ureteral dilatation and peristalsis weakened, bladder muscle thickening, so that urine retention.

4, during pregnancy uterine compression ureter, so that the upper urinary tract expansion, affecting the urine excretion. Because the uterus of pregnancy to the right side of the rotation, the right ureter easily oppressed, so the general right ureteral urine stasis is more obvious. Mid-pregnancy, pelvic congestion, increased uterine and fetal will push bladder to change, can also lead to the right ureter dysuria and urinary retention.

As a result of the above factors, the incidence of urinary tract infection during pregnancy was significantly higher.

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