Renal insufficiency can lead to what kind of discomfort symp

Kidney is an important metabolic organ of the human body. The main three functions of kidney are: to produce urine, the maintenance of the body's acid-base balance and the regulation of endocrine function. Once kidney damaged it will cause great harm to human body.

Renal insufficiency can lead to the following discomfort symptoms:

1, urine bubble: there are many reasons for the bubble in the urine, which if the protein leaked from the kidney to the urine, the urine will be a lot of foam.

2, polyuria or anuria: healthy people every day have about 4-6 times  urination, urine output is about 800-2000 ml, if the number of urination and urine output too much or too little, we should pay attention.

3, edema: drinking too much, or sleep time is too long, too obese, eyelid, face, calf and other parts can be a slight edema, if not the case, it is suspected that the kidney is not a problem.

4, urinary protein and urinary occult blood: urine protein or occult blood, is an important indication of kidney disease, check urine can be clear routine. But sometimes non-kidney disease professional doctors will ignore this point, it is recommended to find the best doctor for kidney disease consultation.

5, anemia: anemia patients often go to the blood section to see anemia, in fact, the kidneys in addition to excretion of waste and other functions, there are endocrine function, secretion of hematopoietic hormone, when the renal function damage, it will cause anemia.

6, low back pain: the location of the kidney on both sides of the spine on the waist, so when the kidney is sick, will feel low back pain.

It is necessary to receive symptomatic treatment once found the symptoms of poor renal function, at present, most of the treatment of nephritis are hormone or dialysis, although temporarily alleviate the complications, but easy to relapse. And long-term hormone treatment side effects, once the beginning of dialysis will form a dependency, with frequent dialysis, deserted kidney will gradually lose its function.

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