What happens to diabetes after kidney transplantation?

Diabetes appear after renal transplantation is one of the common complications after renal transplantation. Diabetes after renal transplantation is caused by many factors and is not entirely caused by a single factor. So, what happens to diabetes after kidney transplantation? Let's take a look at it.
First, conservative treatment, including diet control, weight loss and exercise, can improve blood sugar. Many patients with mild glucose abnormalities can improve this way. For some patients with higher blood sugar, you can use hypoglycemic drugs, and severe patients need to use insulin.
The need to pay attention to family history of diabetes, can be controlled through diet, exercise to achieve the purpose of prevention for high-risk patients, can reduce early prednisone or disable to reduce the risk, also can reduce risk by switching immunosuppressive agents, reduce renal glucose shift occurred after planting.
What happens to diabetes after kidney transplantation? Through the introduction of the above content, I believe you all have a certain understanding. Patients with diabetes after kidney transplantation must pay attention to it.

What happens to diabetes after kidney transplantation

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