Why are malignant tumors is common after renal transplant?

According to the report, the overall incidence of malignancy after renal transplantation is 3 to 5 times higher than in the general population. Why is that? Many people find it difficult to understand. Here's a look at why are malignant tumors is common after renal transplant.
Long term immune response to chronic systemic immune disease increases the risk of malignancy in patients with solid organ transplants after long-term use of immunosuppressive agents. After two to three years for a high time period, considering the time period in patients taking immunosuppressive drugs dose is still at a high level in vivo overcome allograft rejection and reduce the stimulation to prevent immunity, easy to induce tumor development. According to the survey, the risk of malignancy after kidney transplantation increases rapidly over time.
Why are malignant tumors is common after renal transplant? The above content is described in detail, we hope to help you. It is an important measure to prevent the kidney transplant patients complicated with tumor after the renal transplantation to maintain the normal function of the transplanted kidney with the minimal dose of immunosuppressant. The patient should use immunosuppressive agents in strict accordance with the doctor's requirements.

 Why are malignant tumors is common after renal transplant

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