After renal transplant what diet should pay attention?

Some patients think, I change the kidney, and with a good kidney, so i can eat what i like, and lead to kidney problems. In fact, although the patient transplant a new kidney, but still need to pay more attention to the diet, otherwise it is easy to cause kidney damage. Then, after renal transplant what diet should pay attention? Let's take a look at it.
After renal transplant diet should be dominated by light diet and pay attention to the balance of diet structure. For patients with hyperlipidemia, foods with high fat content are required, including animal offal, egg yolks, walnuts, nuts and other foods. In patients with elevated blood sugar, diets should be restricted to foods high in sugar, including rice, pasta and so on. Patients with high uric acid need to avoid high purine diets such as animal offal, seafood and legumes. Patients should also eat more green leafy vegetables and fresh fruit, the amount should be about 500 grams per day, to supplement vitamins and dietary fiber.
After kidney transplant what diet should pay attention? The above content is described in detail, we hope to help you. A good diet should be maintained after kidney transplantation to avoid graft damage.

After renal transplant what diet should pay attention

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