What are the complications after renal transplant?

Any operation is risky and also is kidney transplantation. Many patients have various complications after renal transplantation, which seriously affect the prognosis, and even lead to death, so patients should do postoperative nursing work to avoid complications. Here is a editor collation of the after renal transplant complications, and I hope to help you.
Tuberculosis: after renal transplantation, it can cause tuberculosis by taking large doses of hormone, and can turn the old nodules that have been calcified into active tuberculosis. Therefore, patients with tuberculosis before surgery must make clear to the doctor and take precautions as soon as possible.
Infection: after renal transplantation, infection is the most common cause of death, with a fatality rate of 40% to 78%.
Hypertension: high blood pressure is a common complication of renal transplantation. For the treatment of refractory hypertension, first of all, non drug therapy, such as weight loss, the daily intake of sodium control is less than 2g. Slow walking and walking exercises also help to lose weight.
The above is the after renal transplant complications presentation, I believe you all have a certain understanding. After kidney transplantation, we must pay attention to nursing work so as to avoid complications.

 What are the complications after renal transplant

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