Drinking plenty of water is a prevention of kidney stones

Kidney stone is a disease closely related to metabolism, if without enough water intake, it will easily lead to kidney stones. Drinking plenty of water is a prevention of kidney stones. According to the survey, a large part of patients with kidney stones are caused by don’t often drink water. The following is a detailed description.
Chronic dehydration and lack of drinking water and urine stone formation is closely related, therefore, increase water intake can reduce the risk of urinary stone formation through a variety of mechanisms.. Regardless of the type of stone, the most important way to prevent it is to increase the intake of water. Water can dilute the urine, and to prevent high concentrations of salt and mineral accumulation into stones, a large number of water intake has a preventive effect on all components of urine stones.
Especially in the summer and at night, to avoid excessive concentration of urine at night, must emphasize drinking water before going to bed, and drinking water again in the middle of the night. So that the daily urine output of more than 2000 ml, can dilute the urine, reduce the crystal precipitation, rinse the urinary tract and discharge small stones.
Through the introduction of the above, we learned that drinking plenty of water is a prevention of kidney stones. So in daily life, we must pay attention to drink plenty of water, don't cut your water intake by being busy with your work and don’t want to go to the toilet. At the same time have timely urination when there is micturition desire, do not hold back urine, otherwise it is easy to lead to urinary tract infection, and ultimately damage the kidney function.

Drinking plenty of water is a prevention of kidney stones

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