Dietary taboos in patients with nephritis at different stage

At present, the incidence of nephritis is on the rise, and the number of deaths due to kidney problems is countless every year. For patients with nephritis at different stages, there is a certain taboo in the diet. Then, the following describes the different stages of dietary nephritis patients taboo.

Dietary taboos in patients with nephritis at different stages

Hematuria, but no other symptoms. For such patients, if the amount of protein loss is not much, then in the diet, according to normal diet, appropriately limiting the intake of salt. If the patient loses more protein, add protein rich foods to the diet to ensure that the patient's basic nutritional needs. However, the intake of protein is not the more the better, must be based on the actual situation of patients with the doctor's advice, reasonable dietary regulation.

Hypertensive nephritis patients. Some patients with nephritis at the same time, there will be high blood pressure symptoms, such patients have serious kidney damage. Therefore, the normal diet to control blood pressure based, which requires strict control of salt intake in the diet, even if the normal return, but also strictly control the intake of salt, to ensure the light diet.

Renal failure patients. If the patient has kidney failure, then pay attention to your daily intake of protein. In general, more high-quality vegetable protein food based, appropriate to match some animal protein. For these nephritis patients, salt intake should not be excessive limit, in order to ensure the normal operation of the body.

Glomerulonephritis patients. A kind of glomerulonephritis belongs to chronic nephritis, singular if acute attack, many patients will have varying degrees of swelling of the body, then it is necessary to strictly limit salt intake, to prevent excessive intake of sodium and increase the degree of edema. If the edema is more serious, it should be strictly controlled, after the remission of the disease, and then given the salt intake as appropriate. If the patient does not appear edema symptoms, the amount of water should be adequate, should not interfere too much.

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