The effect of renal ptosis on women

The kidney is not only responsible for the detoxification and urination of the body, but also plays an important role in the regulation of blood pressure, blood production and bone growth in the body. Female kidney disease incidence rate and equivalent to that of men in some special diseases, such as systemic lupus erythematosus, refractory urinary tract infection, the incidence of female is higher than male; at the same time, women also experienced pregnancy and childbirth and other special process will involve the kidney function.

The effect of renal ptosis on women

Experts said: nephropathy showed that patients hospitalized in a hospital of Nephrology, patients with chronic kidney disease from the onset to the average time interval for regular treatment is about 1-2 years, if the patient can seize the disease early traces, early formal examination and treatment of renal damage can be effectively controlled.

Many girls suffer from lumbar pain and kidney ptosis. In addition to lumbar muscle strain, spinal lesions and other factors, including kidney, accessories and other urinary reproductive system disease is also an important reason. Acute pyelonephritis is the urinary system common lumbago reason, manifested as pain or dull pain, often accompanied by fever, frequent urination, painful urination etc.. Persistent lumbar pain should be considered for chronic pyelonephritis, urinary stones, kidney ptosis, and certain glomerulonephritis.

Remind the majority of women: pay attention to personal hygiene habits, reasonable exercise, improve resistance, do not blindly take cold medicine, antibiotics and so on. Qualified people regularly undergo physical examinations including the kidneys, especially those with high blood pressure and diabetes.

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