Precautions for patients with renal ptosis

When the kidney is lying and standing, the mobility of the inferior margin of the kidney is called renal ptosis if it is more than 3 cm. Up to 18% the disease incidence of women, especially the lanky, not physically vulnerable workers. The incidence rate for males is only 1/10 of females.

Precautions for patients with renal ptosis

Ptosis of the kidney due to renal fossa small and shallow renal fascia around the abdominal muscle weakness, relaxation, sudden weight loss, abdominal pressure caused by decreased after childbirth, lumbago and back pain as the main symptom, can increase with the physical labor, strenuous exercise, prolonged standing, constipation, menstrual period.

This disease is associated with ureteral obstruction or renal pedicle torsion can cause renal colic; infection can appear frequent micturition, urgency, dysuria or pyuria; with visceral ptosis can cause bloating, indigestion, insomnia, dizziness, etc.. Physical examination can sometimes touch the sagging kidney in the abdomen. Urinary examination of normal, concurrent infection of visible hematuria and proteinuria, cylindruria and pyuria. Ultrasonography is the most valuable diagnostic tool for renal ptosis.

There is no need for treatment for hydronephrosis with no symptoms and no obstruction. Symptomatic people can increase nutrition, and eat more sugar and fat, usually to avoid breath, force and heavy physical labor. Abdominal muscle weakness can exercise, such as sit ups, swimming and so on. Severe symptoms or visceral ptosis, should rest in bed and raise the foot of the bed 20-25 cm, while strengthening nutrition weeks; or bar wide belt or apron to increase intra-abdominal pressure, the belt should be supine, hip pads, back to the original position after the kidney from the bottom to tighten the beam. Surgical treatment should be performed when there is renal emptying disorder and associated infection.

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