What should be done after renal ptosis surgery?

Core tip: What should be done after renal ptosis surgery? many people do not understand the kidney ptosis, kidney prolapse refers to the kidney with respiratory movement of the position beyond the normal range. Renal ptosis seriously endanger the health of patients, so What should be done after renal ptosis surgery?

What should be done after renal ptosis surgery?

1. proper rest, pay attention to psychological relaxation therapy.

2. increase nutrition, diet should eat more rich in fat, protein and vitamins food.

3. after getting up activities, with a wide belt, kidney beam waist 1 months, to increase abdominal pressure, consolidate the operation effect, 3 months should not heavy physical labor. No breath hold.

4. keep your bowels clear, and eat more fiber containing foods to increase bowel movement. Need more water, there is litong.

The above is what should be done after renal ptosis surgery. Patients with renal ptosis should learn more about the symptoms of renal ptosis, pay attention to prevention, have physical discomfort, and immediately go to the hospital, so as not to delay the disease!

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