Four major measures to prevent renal ptosis

Renal ptosis is a common disease of reproductive age, but more than 80% cases of asymptomatic renal ptosis, often found in the abdominal examination, renal ptosis patients often have pain, backache and other symptoms, especially in motion will occur after exacerbation of symptoms, so we should be how to prevent kidney sagging?

Four major measures to prevent renal ptosis

1, diet nutrition. Lean body and reduced adipose tissue are one of the important causes of renal ptosis. Should strengthen nutrition, eat more animal high fat food, increase body weight. Gastrointestinal dysfunction, you can properly regulate the spleen and stomach, the use of drugs to help digestion.

2, physical exercise. Strengthen exercise, improve physical fitness, long-distance running, walking, Tai Chi and so on. Pay particular attention to abdominal exercises, such as push ups, horizontal bar, parallel bars etc..

3, regulating the spirit. Nephroptosis patients with longer duration of disease, prone to depression, fear and other negative emotions, the treatment of diseases and adverse rehabilitation. Should be based on the causes of adverse emotions, targeted persuasion and education to help patients build confidence and patience to overcome the disease.

4, work and rest. Too comfortable, abdominal muscles lack exercise, is not conducive to kidney fixed; too tired, excessive consumption of body fat, but also detrimental to the fixation of the kidneys. Therefore, we should work and rest, we must not overwork, excessive leisure.

The harm of nephroptosis brings us is not to be underestimated, so we must do the relevant preventive measures, don't be nephroptosis ridden, if accidentally sick if you want to make the diagnosis and treatment of regular medical establishments, do not covet petty gain to some small hospital outpatient treatment, or likely will give patients bring a lifetime of regret.

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