What are the complications caused by proteinuria?

Proteinuria is one of the diseases of kidney disease. As an important organ of the human body, the kidney can be thought to be harmful if it is damaged. The harm of proteinuria on us caused by the human body can not be underestimated, we should not only pay attention to the treatment of proteinuria, also should pay attention to prevention of proteinuria caused by complications, the following will introduce the complications caused by urinary protein.

What are the complications caused by proteinuria?

Plasma membrane toxicity of proteinuria: in renal failure model, can be observed in the accumulation of serum protein in mesangium, aggregation of these macromolecules in the mesangial area can cause mesangial cell damage, hyperplasia of mesangial matrix increased synthesis, resulting in glomerulosclerosis. In the proteinuria nephropathy model, there are low density lipoprotein and very low density lipoprotein apolipoprotein B and apolipoprotein A deposition in the glomerulus, and these aggregates can eventually lead to glomerulosclerosis.

The toxic effects of proteinuria on proximal tubular cells: the occurrence of proteinuria, the amount of protein in renal tubular epithelial cells into increased to lysosomal activity increased, indicating that protein induced lysosomal spill into tubular cell plasma, subsequent cell injury can stimulate inflammation and scar formation.

The biological changes of tubular cells caused by proteinuria: many renal diseases with proteinuria appear excessive proliferation, which represents a non adaptive reaction which leads to renal failure. More and more evidence that the protein can be directly regulating tubular cell function, change the growth characteristics and phenotypic expression of cytokines and matrix protein, can lead to the release of PDGF and FN tubular basement side and MCP-1 induced fibrosis.

Proteinuria caused by tubulointerstitial hypoxia: white urine re absorption of digestion, a large number of protein requires additional energy, can cause tubular cells hypoxia, resulting in tubular cell damage.

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