Complications of urinary tract infection in children

Pyonephrosis: refers to suppurative infection caused widespread destruction of renal parenchyma abscess formation. It is more complicated with infectious hydronephrosis, nephrolithiasis and pyelonephritis, especially when accompanied by urinary tract obstruction. The main clinical manifestations of chronic pyuria and systemic symptoms such as consumption, easy fatigue, weakness, weight loss, malnutrition, anemia and fever.

Complications of urinary tract infection in children

Sometimes, because of the extremely tight stricture of the ureteropelvic junction, it is possible to have no urinary symptoms in the later stage, mainly characterized by lumbar mass. But careful inquiry can detect the history of urinary tract infections. Intravenous pyelography showed loss of renal function in the affected side, and cystic masses were detected by ultrasonography. After the general treatment of antibiotics and blood transfusion, nephrectomy can be performed. Because of the severe adhesion and scarring of the surrounding kidney, it is sometimes difficult for general nephrectomy to require nephrectomy under the capsular envelope.

Renal Perineum: although it is rare in pediatrics, it can happen at all ages. The adipose tissue around the kidney is mostly unilateral. The pathogen is often Staphylococcus aureus, which is located around the kidney through the bloodstream and lymph nodes. It is usually infected with the skin, often as the primary lesion. It can also be directly infected by renal parenchyma and directly surrounding the kidney. Symptoms vary from one person to another, with high fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, low back pain and upper abdominal pain, and sometimes painful traction and abdominal wall or lower extremities. The lesion stimulates the psoas muscle and causes the psoas muscle spasm to make the hip joint flexed, so that the lower limb can not be stretched. Increased white blood cells, while routine urinalysis is usually normal. When the disease and pelvic inflammation existing at the same time, there will be frequent urination and other symptoms pyuria.

The B ultrasound examination, X-ray examination greatly cannot determine in diagnosing the help, but there is a great help. The kidney and psoas muscles were not clear, the spine was bent toward the affected side, and hydronephrosis was performed during the breath. Treatment mainly for antibacterial drugs, with local hot compress or drug dressing and liquid supplement, such as purulent formation, after the puncture confirmed that the incision and drainage.

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