How to prevent repeated urinary tract infection in children?

Urinary tract infection is a common disease in childhood, accounting for about 3.5-8.5% of the number of inpatients with urinary diseases in China, and the infection can endanger the bladder, renal pelvis and renal parenchyma. If not treated in time, repeated infection can lead to scarring, hypertension, chronic renal failure. Affect health or even endanger life.

How to prevent repeated urinary tract infection in children?

Urinary tract inflammation caused by bacterial infection is called urinary tract infection. It is the most common disease in the urinary system. Children prone to urinary tract infections because children with long and curved wall muscle, elastic fibrous dysplasia, easy expansion and the occurrence of urinary retention, and infant urinary tract often exposed to the outside, especially the girl is urethral short and wide, very close from the anus, pollution opportunities.

Urinary tract infection is easy to recur in children. It is closely related to the reflux of ureter, ureter, urinary system malformation and urinary tract patency. According to statistics, urinary tract infections in children, children under 5 years of age urinary bacteria about 30%-50%, accompanied by reflux, and reflux and infection are affecting each other, forming a vicious circle. The voiding development of urinary bladder can clearly show the degree of reflux, and the size of ureter, the shape of bladder wall and the abnormality of lower urinary tract are observed. The purpose of the treatment is to relieve symptoms, remove bacteria, prevent recurrence and protect renal function.

General treatment: acute period should stay in bed, drink more water, in order to promote bacteria, toxins and inflammatory secretions excreted.

Antibacterial therapy: should use broad-spectrum, strong bactericidal, less toxic drugs, such as Cefradine and so on.

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