How does gouty nephropathy defined?

Gouty nephropathy is caused by excessive or excessive excretion of uric acid, resulting in hyperuricemia and renal damage. It is pided into acute Gouty nephropathy and chronic Gouty nephropathy. So, how does gouty nephropathy defined? Let's take a look at it.
Gouty nephropathy is the abbreviation of chronic hyperuricemia nephropathy, which belongs to the category of primary hyperuricemia nephropathy and belongs to the kidney damage of metabolic diseases. Uric acid is the end product of purine metabolism. This disease is caused by abnormal metabolism of purine in the body, which leads to excessive production of serum uric acid. The clinical manifestations of the disease include uric acid stones, small molecular proteinuria, edema, nocturia, hypertension, elevated uric acid and renal tubular function impairment. Gouty nephropathy is common in western countries. It is common in the north of China, and has no obvious seasonal characteristics. The incidence of obesity, meat and alcoholic drinks is high.
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 How does gouty nephropathy defined

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