Classification of cylindruria in kidney disease

The symptoms of kidney disease are systemic, the early symptoms of kidney disease are excessive urine foam, abnormal urine volume, urine discoloration, nocturia, edema, low back pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue and other symptoms. Among them, with the development of kidney disease, cylindruria is a typical symptom of nephrosis, will gradually appear. The so-called cylindruria is a cylinder of proteins condensed in the tubules. In concentrated urine and acidic environment, the protein secreted by renal tubular epithelial cells gradually changed from sol to gel and solidified further, and formed hyaline tube in distal convoluted tubule of kidney. In 12 hours urine sediment, the number of transparent tubes should be less than 5000 or 0 to /HPF. If the hyaline tube type is increased in the urine or there are other types of tubes, it is called cylindruria.
cylindruria is a typical symptom of kidney disease. Then, what are the common symptoms cylindruria of nephropathy?
(one) cell cylindruria: if the amount of red, white or epithelial cells exceeds the tubular volume in tubular type, 1/3 is called cell type.
(two) transparent cylindruria: mainly composed of Tamm-Horsfall glycoprotein, but also a small amount of albumin to participate.
(three) granular cylindruria: if the degeneration of the cell debris, protein disintegration of the formation of particles more than the tubular volume of 1/3, it is called granular tube type.
(four) wax cylindruria: may consist of fine particles of tube type continue to evolve, is the last product of cell disintegration, but also gradually formed by the dissolution of epithelial cells occurred amyloidosis, common in chronic nephritis, chronic renal failure, renal amyloidosis, acute and chronic rejection after renal transplantation rejection, often suggest that long-term severe renal disease, poor prognosis.
(five) fatty cylindruria: tube type matrix contains most of the fat droplets or embedded in renal tubular epithelial cells of fat droplets called fat tube type, common in nephrotic syndrome, chronic glomerulonephritis, toxic nephropathy etc..
(six) renal failure cylindruria: renal tubular epithelial cells damaged after fragmentation in the collection, obviously enlarged pipe condensed, shape wide and long, irregular, easily broken, sometimes is twisted, early in patients with acute renal failure, polyuria, chronic renal failure if there are such casts. Poor prognosis.
The above is related to the classification of cylindruria in kidney disease. If you don't know much about this problem, you can consult our online expert, and our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.

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