How to reduce creatinine levels?

 As we all know, when creatinine rises, it can mean that the damage to our kidneys has reached a certain level. So it is very important to reduce creatinine, so how to reduce creatinine? Next, Tong Shantang kidney disease experts to introduce several good ways to reduce creatinine.
The most important concern is that we must know that the basic cause of my creatinine increase, in fact, kidney and creatinine is a small cycle of injury, chronic glomerulosclerosis and primary bed injury as the main pathological changes. The use of micro-traditional Chinese medicine treatment, the main role is to remove the chronic glomerular basement membrane damage caused by immune complexes and lesions, while repair of chronic glomerular basement membrane. Will damage the basement membrane repair, change the kidney structure, expanding the chronic glomerular filtration area, to achieve the purpose of creatinine decline. But the micro Chinese medicine treatment requires a process, but once again the process must guard against the cold, the control diet, maintain a good mood, avoid overworked, control blood pressure and blood glucose and so on, to protect the normal renal function. Second, the use of low-protein diet, causing kidney disease harmful substances, mainly protein metabolites, so control of protein intake becomes very important. But can not completely intake of protein, protein is a nutrient, if not intake of protein, the body will break down the muscles, and finally the formation of uremia, so control protein intake, daily protein intake should be controlled at 0.8-1.0g / kg body weight. The last is drinking water control, drinking water according to the needs of patients with high serum creatinine before the day of the total volume of urine and 500-700ml urine volume, if the day before 500ml, 500cc+500 (7d0) ml=1000-1200ml, is a day to drink high creatinine content, this value including water, milk, beverage and soup, Rice porridge. If the creatinine is particularly high and has entered the stage of uremia, it is recommended that you take care of it from the doctor's advice. Standardized and effective diets with reduced creatinine can be just around the corner.
How to reduce creatinine? Tongshantang experts simply introduce you to here, if you have other  problems of kidney and creatinine, please leave us a message or online consultation. We will do our best to help you recover as soon as possible.

how to reduce creatinine levels?

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