Can kidney stones cause pain that comes and goes?

Does kidney stone ache repeatedly? The answer is yes, as we all know, kidney stones is one of the kidney disease with strongest sense of pain, and the pain of kidney stones comes and goes, this gives us the pain of patients is greatly improved, so how to avoid recurrent kidney stones? How to make the kidney stone pain is not repeated attacks, or let it recurring cycle of greatly increased? The following station for everyone simple finishing several methods, I hope to help you,
The first is that we all know drink more water, especially for very small stones, drink plenty of water, exercise to keep the urinary tract patency, it is likely with the urine will be excreted from the body, stones excreted, then the pain of course completely disappeared. But for slightly larger diameter kidney stones can be considered drug treatment, while drinking water, exercise and scientific diet, can make the kidney stones repeated pain reduction. When the diameter of the kidney stones is greater than 0.5, you need to use gravel treatment, when the gravel will have a certain sense of pain, and not necessarily a one-time stone crushing, may need a second or third time. In addition, we all understand that gravel treatment of the kidneys have some damage, a lot of special patients can not be used, while gravel after bleeding, pain and other symptoms.
Tongshantang experts suggested that kidney stones are generally due to eating habits caused, to their eating habits to the requirements in life, reduce the risk of the disease, but if you are not careful with the specification should be timely to the hospital for examination, so that oneself is not need surgery, because if the stone is relatively small the medicine can cure, but the big stone is not enough, need surgery.
The best way to prevent kidney stones in treatment of recurrent pain is introduced to here, if you have a better way of pain relief of kidney stones, welcome you to give us a message or online advice, let us treat kidney stones disease, beat the kidney Stone disease.

can kidney stones cause pain that comes and goes?

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