Are high creatinine levels dangerous?

High creatinine means that our kidneys have been compromised, and the higher the creatinine, the worse the severity of kidney damage. If we have high creatinine level, don't worry, high creatinine could be prevented and controlled, of course, its prevention and control are mainly caused by the reason of high creatinine from the start, as for whether creatinine increased danger, we continue to keep up with the pace of the expert, the answer immediately come out.
Experts say creatinine clearance decreases during the early stages of kidney failure (also called compensatory phase), but creatinine test values can also show normal. Only when the glomerular filtration rate dropped to more than 50% under normal circumstances, the blood creatinine began to increase rapidly, this is what we often say this high creatinine period, obvious renal function has been seriously damaged. Kidney damage, metabolic function of the kidney will also decrease, sodium metabolism disorders, the patient must to control the intake of sodium, if not to control, there will be hyponatremia or hypernatremia. This further increases the risk of our high creatinine. In addition to kidney damage and metabolic disorders, may also cause human acid poisoning, the patient can appear breathing deep and long, lack of appetite, abdominal pain and nausea, vomiting, weakness, headache, restlessness and even coma and other symptoms. It can also lead to potassium metabolism disorders, which can lead to hyperkalemia or hypokalemia. Therefore, high creatinine is still more dangerous, we must pay attention at this time, can not allow its development.
Through tongshantang nephropathy experts on high creatinine is dangerous to explain, believe that you already know, high creatinine must pay attention, not to any of its development, will ultimately lead to more severe kidney disease, and even endanger our life.

Are high creatinine levels dangerous?

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