what is the causes of high creatinine?

As everyone knows, when we detected serum creatinine level was higher than that of 44-106 mol/L, we may be called high creatinine patients, and we have high creatinine, it can be said that kidney damage we had more than 50%, because the early kidney damage, our blood creatinine has no obvious change. As a result, high creatinine is a very dangerous disease that can cause great damage to our health. So, why do we have high creatinine? What's the reason for the high creatinine? What lifestyle habits lead to high creatinine levels that can easily affect our body?
First say is the occasional reasons for the high creatinine, is due to high blood pressure in patients with hypertension, patients with unstable blood pressure, persistent proteinuria poisoning, the illness did not get timely control, disease process may appear temporary high creatinine phenomenon. The second is the kidney patients or patients with renal insufficiency, kidney disease, glomerular filtration function of severely damaged blood serious decline, causing the body of blood creatinine cannot be excreted through urine, resulting in creatinine high, which also led to the main reason of high creatinine, must be timely treatment. Finally, life is over exertion, excessive consumption of energy, excessive sexual activity, consumption of energy, but also lead to increased body creatinine.
The main reason of high creatinine introduced here, we found that high creatinine according to the cause of his current life state or the way of life is not good and not scientific, early away from unhealthy lifestyle, healthy life, can have a healthy body, away from the high creatinine. Finally, if you have any other kidney problems or suggestions, welcome to visit other pages or leave a message for us. Let us challenge kidney problems and kidney disease.

what is the causes of high creatinine?
what is the causes of high creatinine?

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