How to do pyelonephritis nursing well?

Pyelonephritis should be no stranger to all of us! The incidence of pyelonephritis is generally greater in women than in men, For pyelonephritis, we must pay attention to, especially pyelonephritis patients must pay attention to the nursing care for pyelonephritis, today we together to understand how to do pyelonephritis nursing well?

Pyelonephritis patients must pay attention to maternal and child health care work, women must keep the vulva clean, caution bath. Menstrual period and pregnancy and babies to pay special attention to health, to prevent upstream infection. Women suffering from acute pyelonephritis should avoid pregnancy for one year after treatment so as to prevent pregnancy and aggravate their condition.

Acute pyelonephritis or chronic pyelonephritis acute exacerbation must be more water, the daily intake of patients is more than 2500 ml. The purpose is to increase the amount of urine, thereby promoting the bacteria and toxins and inflammatory secretions of the discharge. At the same time pay attention to strengthen the nutrition and physical exercise.

Observe the presence of fever and irritation of the urinary tract. Patient with late stage of chronic pyelonephritis , notice has the symptom which the kidney damages, for instance hypertension, anemia, uremia and so on.

After drug treatment, the patient should pay attention to whether there is no side effects of drugs, if the oral medication caused by nausea and vomiting and loss of appetite and other reactions asked the doctor, you can switch to other drugs for treatment.

The above is the related information about nursing care for pyelonephritis, by reading the contents of this article believe that everyone have a certain understanding on nursing care for pyelonephritis! Must do the nursing care for pyelonephritis, do not affect the disease. If you have any questions you want to know, please visit our other pages or give us a message.

How to do pyelonephritis nursing well?

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