How to lower creatinine levels with diet?

 High creatinine, as the name suggests, is higher in creatinine than normal.So why does the body appear high creatinine? Creatinine is the product of human muscle metabolism. In the body's muscles, creatine slowly forms creatinine through irreversible non enzymatic dehydration, which is then released into the bloodstream and excreted with urine. So  the reason why the blood creatinine is high, and the total amount of muscle in vivo is closely related, not easily affected by diet. Creatinine is a small molecule material, can be filtered through the glomerular filtration, rarely absorbed in the renal tubule, the daily production of creatinine, almost all excreted with urine, generally unaffected by urine volume. This is the cause of creatinine formation, through the understanding of the causes of creatinine, we are more likely to understand what kind of food is low creatinine diet, the following our experts simply for you according to the introduction of the most common.
On the one hand is the choice of low-protein diet, because we all understand the cause of kidney disease harmful substances, mostly protein metabolites, so we must control the intake of protein, that is not completely uptake, experts recommend daily protein intake should be controlled at 0.8-1.0 g / kg body weight, specific hypoglycemic foods are mainly egg, milk, meat (lean meat). On the other hand is the intake of calories, renal insufficiency, we need to have enough calories to promote the effective use of protein can be eaten with high calorie and very low protein food to supplement, specific foods such as: salad oil, peanut oil, Powder, lotus root starch and so on.
These two aspects are both the main direction of low creatinine diet, to help reduce the creatinine, if you have other kidney disease problems need to consult, welcome to visit other pages or give us a message, we will do our best to help you.

How to lower creatinine levels with diet?

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