Avoid using furosemide in the treatment of chronic kidney di

Chronic kidney disease can cause damage to the kidneys even it not attack, so usually medication, the treatment of other diseases, we must remember the basic disease of chronic kidney disease, so as not to cause the onset of chronic kidney disease.

Avoid using furosemide in the treatment of chronic kidney disease

There are two susceptible groups of drug-induced kidney damage: the original kidney disease and the elderly. The incidence of acute kidney injury in chronic kidney disease accounts for 35%; elderly is an obvious susceptible group; during hospitalization, 66% of elderly patients with acute kidney injury and 39% of non elderly patients.

In the acute renal injury caused by drugs, renal injury caused by renal injury is a small artery with contraction of the role of the drug - Improper application of ACEI/ARB. It is common in patients with preexisting kidney disease, heart failure, cirrhosis, old age, and dehydration. Cause renal tubular necrosis of the kidney caused by Li Fuping; obstruction, the past is mainly Li Fuping, is now the main cause of acyclovir; renal papillary necrosis, mainly due to a large, combined use of non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; cause hemolytic uremic syndrome with cyclosporin A, some estrogen containing contraceptives, 5-FU. Special attention should be paid to hypertonic nephrotoxicity, which is mainly seen in the continuous use of high concentrations of mannitol.

In the treatment of acute kidney injury, the use of furosemide and other diuretics is common in clinical, many hospitals in China is almost accustomed to its use, even in some academic journals are still introduced this usage. Professor of kidney disease made severe criticism. Acute renal injury speed not only can not cure the disease, but harmful to patients.

Patients with chronic glomerulonephritis should always keep in mind their underlying disease conditions and pay attention to all factors that cause chronic nephritis in their lives.

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