Kidney disease signal: hematuria, proteinuria and high creat

If hematuria, proteinuria and high creatinine and other symptoms, it is recommended to patients with routine hospital for comprehensive examination, because the patient's symptoms may be suffering from uremia. When the possibility of uremia is very large, creatinine has reached more than 300. At this point, the body must be treated with dialysis.
Uremic is also a kidney disease, because the kidneys are the organs in our body that need to excrete toxins. If the kidney has a problem, there is no symptoms of edema. This time advise the patient, as much as possible in the rest of the legs slightly lift some of this can be a little bit of relief bucket.
Patients need to pay attention to diet, do not eat some more exciting food. Especially this time the fruit also need to pay more attention, do not just eat. Must go to the general hospital to do a comprehensive examination, and then according to the condition for treatment.
Uremic patients need to have the right face, because uremia is a lifelong disease. The disease is not a turning point and can only be treated by dialysis or kidney transplantation.

Kidney disease signal: hematuria, proteinuria and high creatinine

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