Does diet affect kidney stones?

Does diet affect kidney stones? There are many factors leading to kidney stones, including improper diet is the most important cause of kidney stones, so diet will also affect kidney stones. So, what kind of diet can affect kidney stone? Let's take a look at it.
Many young people like to drink drinks, fruit juice and so on, instead of water intake, but this habit is the cause of stones, and for patients with kidney stones, should be more moderate. Because the fruit juice adds a large amount of phosphate and sugar, and these are the cause of kidney stones, stones patients who continue to drink, will cause the stones in the body more and more, more and more, which is detrimental to the recovery of disease.
Does diet affect kidney stones? For many office workers, because of the reasons for work, often work overtime late, in order to prevent themselves trapped, to refresh themselves, and thus cited a large number of coffee or tea, causing kidney stones. Because of strong tea and coffee containing oxalic acid and caffeine, and these substances will lead to increased urinary calcium, resulting in stones, so should drink less, especially kidney stones patients should not drink.
For the patients with small kidney stones, should drink plenty of water every day, increased urine output, so pay attention to stones excreted in the urine, eliminate kidney stones; but if the stones in patients with kidney stones is large enough, you should avoid drinking lots of water every day, and the amount of water or drinking too much water, plus the stone block that is very easy to cause urinary tract infections, renal function.
Does diet affect kidney stones? This is very sure, so patients with kidney stones must pay attention to the usual diet. Patients who do not suffer from kidney stones should also pay attention to diet and avoid the occurrence of kidney stones. If you have any further questions, please contact our online doctor or leave a message for us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

Does diet affect kidney stones

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